The Paper Goods Store

Scope of Work
- UI and UX website design
- E-commerce development

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The Paper Goods Store is a printing industry company specialize in cake board printing, committed to providing the best premium products from the cake boards, raising the bar on how a cake board should look like and bringing out the best final presentation for every cake that presented to the customers. The Paper Goods Store not only provides the highest quality products but also pays attention to the safaty of these products, through a safe production process and very detailed quality control, the resulting products is well coated with anti-grease and food grade material, thus providing safetly cake board for baked goods. Not only providing the best products, The Paper Goods Store also provides the best solutions for bakers by making tools that can help provide the innovation for every bakers.

The Paper Goods Store initially opened a store through the marketplace in Indonesia, however the need of complexity to achieve a certain goal made The Paper Goods Store decided to have a Ecommerce site for the business. By aiming to expand customer reachability, scale up the business value and increase customer satisfaction, Ecommerce is made with supporting features to achieve the goals. At this time, The Paper Goods Store not only serves domestic and overseas product shipment to France, United States, India, Hongkong, Malaysia, Australia and so on. The Paper Goods Store also provides a custom board feature for customer to choose the type of the cake board and printed customer logo on it.

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We are a group of a Digital Production and Strategy company believing that user experience and user interface is really important. Not only fast and working function but how user interact with the website is our main priority. By providing a dedicated team for UI and UX team, thus creating a unique design that is in line with the character of the business industry that we have because we believe that every business is unique and has character. With a design that is made from sratch can make a website load faster.

When we build The Paper Goods Store, we use this great technology

Wireframing (Paper Sketches)

- Design: AI

- Prototyping: Marvel Apps

Developetment Tools

- Web frameworks: Laravel

- Content Management System: Vodea Core  

- Analytics Tools: Google Analytics



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