Nutrilab Pratama

Scope of work
- UI and UX website design
- Website Company Profile Development

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Nutrilab Pratama was established in 2003 as a company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Nutrilab Pratama went into operations in 2006 as a company with mainly businesses in importing, sales and marketing for life sciences and medical products such as diagnostics, biotechnology, microbiology and healthcare products

Aiming to always provide the best for customers by always controlling the quality of these products, Nutrilab Pratama can provide the best servants to always meet the needs of customers, especially in Research Centres, Hospitals & Laboratories, Universities, Vaccine Manufacturers, Blood Banks and Industries (Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical) with representatives of sub-distributors and several local dealers throughout Indonesia.

Nutrilab Pratama initially had a company profile website, therefore we discussed and studied deeper together with Nutrilab Pratama, and we discover that they had problems to cylcling the content on the website because the content management system that Nutrilab Pratama used required longer study time and no longer friendly to use, so the content is not well managed and causes the traffic of the audience is not maximal enough.

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We start to in depth learning about Nutrilab Pratama and the problems that they faced in carrying out digital transformation, Vodea as a consulting company, especially in digital needs, provided suggestions, that their websites need to be revamped to implement a content management system that has been developed by Vodea in order to maximize the audience traffic they have, to develop our company profile website using this technology


Design: AI

Prototyping: Marvel Apps

Development tools

Web Frameworks: Laravel

Content Management System: Vodea Core

Analytics Tools: Google Analytics


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