Scope of Work
- UI and UX website design
- Website Company Profile development

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Celerates is a start up company, specialize in information technology, focusing on developing IT talent careers in Indonesia, in addition Celerates is also present as a solution provider for companies that are looking for or need talent in the field of information technology to develop a software or business intelligence. In this 4.0 era, various jobs in the Information technology is growing rapidly. Many industries and companies that have carried out digital transformation in their respective business fields. Celerates exists as a solution provider for both talent and industry who are looking for talent or eager to become a talent in the field of information technology. Celerates already had a company profile website, but the need of flexibility in terms of content development and extensive development in the future that needed to be prepared become an excuse for Celerates to work with Vodea in developing a company profile website.

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We build the customized web application for celerates from the ground up, by collaborating in developing a website and design that is fully supported by the celerates team making website development two times faster based on the needs desired by Celerates. In building a company profile website we use this technology


Design: XD

Prototype: Marvel Apps

Development tools

Web Frameworks: Laravel

Content Management System: Vodea Core


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