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Established in 2018 as Digital Production and Strategy, Vodea focused on creating awe-inspiring experiences in supporting business carry out digital transformation. We work with minimalistic philosophy “every business is unique''. Based on that, we never stop innovating and being satisfied with a single solution. As we grow and move forward, we continuously observe and adapt to the technology advances which rapidly change.

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Advancing life's convenience through technology


Cultivate talents, minds, and perspectives to create innovations and solutions to solve even the most challenging obstacles

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it's in our core

These are the values that we believe and manifested in our daily actions in creating incredible things. Simply because we are VODEA


Think without boundaries


Empathize with surroundings


Capable of adapting toward rapid changes


Strive for enormous impact


Everything thing we do can be counted

logo philosophy

a simple explanation of who we are

Our logo always reminds about the vision of Vodea and also become the representation of our core. There are two important things to be noticed in the logo. First thing is the paper elements on the logo which symbolizes where and how people usually write ideas. Second thing is how the paper is shown flying, which symbolize how Vodea raise ideas into remarkable things. The logo also forms a V’s letter, which represent the initials of Vodea.

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in vodea, it's all about people

Grow, work, and discover innovation together as a team is one thing that we hold tightly in developing cutting edge technology in Vodea. Our team is open to anyone who wants to grow together and create a remarkable impact on people’s life.

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